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Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing biggboss16online.live122522

Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing biggboss16online.live122522

Digital Marketing
The Digital Marketing Ecosystem: An Introduction
This course examines the evolution of digital marketing and how marketing elements such as strategy, channels and platforms are connected.

Getting creative: digital marketing strategy
Learn how to implement a value proposition, identify and analyze brand attributes, and perform a SWOT analysis for a brand, product or service.

Social media marketing
Take advantage of the enormous potential of social media to strengthen your brand and business: plan a strategy, choose your channel, develop viral content, and monitor and adapt user activity for maximum effectiveness.

Programmatic, mobile and native marketing
Explore the roles of digital, mobile and native marketing and learn how the three modes ensure the success of digital campaigns.

Digital Marketing Campaign
Digital marketing plans range from a brief overview of channel selection to ROI estimates. In this course, you will learn to apply this process to your own brand and business.



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